Wardrobe Architect: Part 1 – Making Style More Personal

The first worksheet for Wardrobe Architect is “Making Style More Personal”

There are prompts for History, Philosophy, Culture, Community, Activities, Location, & Body. I’m not going to address each section individually, but I’ll share some of my thoughts on a few of the categories.

Personal History

The photo above is my 9th grade school photo. The shirt I’m wearing is a shirt that I made myself. By the time I was in 9th grade I was sewing a lot and mostly without any help from my mom. This was probably the first collared shirt that I made myself and I think I did a pretty good job.

The reason that I bring this up is that sewing has always been part of my relationship with clothing. As a kid I usually resented wearing mostly hand-me-downs and hand made clothing, but now I appreciate the quality and fit that I can get when I make my own clothing.


My personal philosophy in most things in life is to not draw too much attention to myself. I’m an introvert, and I like to operate behind the scenes. My clothing choices usually reflect this attitude.

I am also influenced by my religion. I live in Utah and belong to the predominant faith here. Modesty in dress is a value of the LDS religion and something that I personally adhere to.


I’m a mom of two young kids. On any given day my clothing is likely to be tugged, pulled, and slimed. My clothing needs to be comfortable, allow for easy movement, easy to care for (preferably no ironing) and not too fussy. 

Junior Prom…I still have this formal and I think it still fits. But in 15 years I haven’t found an occasion to pull it out.


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