3 Hour Sewing Project Ideas

Last month I told you all that I was planning to start sewing classes in October. I’m excited to announce that my class schedule is posted for October 2016. I’ve also updated the main page for all things related to this new endeavor.

One of the things that I’m most excited about is Open Sew. This is your chance to bring your machine and project and sew with other human beings for a few hours.

Sewing is usually a solitary activity and that is awesome in many ways. I love sewing late into the night with my Netflix or podcasts in the background. But sometimes it’s really fun to sew with a group of people who also like to sew. I always learn something new from my sewing friends.

Open Sew is for all of you who want to meet other sewing friends. It’s also a good place to get some help with a project. Want to learn how to install an invisible zipper? Bring it to Open Sew and I will show you…or any other sewing technique you might need help with.

What if you don’t have a project in mind but you want to come and sew anyway? Here are a few ideas for beginner sewers that you could most likely accomplish in a 3 hour Open Sew session.

  1. A Pillowcase (also a great Christmas Gift – I’m dreaming about a day when I give all my nieces and nephews a new pillowcase for Christmas each year)
  2. A pair of Leggings (great for you, and a great baby shower gift)img_2156
  3. A tee-shirt (my favorite kids pattern is the field trip raglan, my favorite women’s pattern is Megan Nielsen Briar)
  4. A knit pencil skirt (draft your own or use McCall’s 6654)IMG_1449


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